Thursday, August 2, 2007


Hello everybody-

What a month!

After the 2nd Maiden Voyage event, the Boulder Mission had their highest ever booksales! If you still don’t know what the new release is about, click here to find out. We'll let you know when the replay of the event is scheduled for the Mission

Recent completions:
Rex F: How To Confront and Shatter Suppression PTS SP Course:
Andrea A: Overcoming the Ups and Downs in Life Course

2007 auditing completions:
Laura Z: Grades III and IV
Jackie C : Grades III and IV
Heather C: Life Repair
Dawn G: Life Repair
Bobbee P: Life Repair
Cathy K: Grades III and IV
John B: Book One Auditing
Laura R: Life Repair
Steve L: NED Auditing
Teague McC: Purification Rundown
Conn McC: Purification Rundown
Aspen K: Purification Rundown
Morgan K: Purification Rundown
Ruth McC: NED Auditing
Ellen P, Boulder Mission Director of Processing completed Power Plus at American St Hill Organization in LA

"To use the best I know of Scientology to the best of my ability to help my family, friends, groups and the world." Code of a Scientologist #2

So many people in the Boulder Mission field are helping to improve conditions and make a difference:

Jan F does Volunteer Ministering and helps with book sales and stress testing.
Rex F is working as the volunteer Chaplain at the Denver Org, booked solid most weekends.
Valerie B does word clearing for Asian translators working on LRH materials.
Steve M comes up to Boulder to do book sales.
Claudio C, Cory I, and Emrys VG help run the Mission when Robert travels to his Asian Missions.
Leif B has been offering his help with organizing materials and writing letters for the Mission.
Cathy K has been handling Treasury in addition to helping when Robert is in Asia. Her next project is to continue painting the Mission.

If you want to contribute to the motion of growing Scientology in Boulder, call Dawn and see what kind of projects are available.

Ty D is the top Boulder Mission Field Staff Member for June . If you would like help with introducing your friends or family to Scientology, call Robert and he can give you some pointers. And speaking of FSMing, did you know that the Scientology Handbook is online? You can steer people to the chapters on Assists, Ups & Downs, Communication, Ethics & the Conditions - all the subjects in the actual book.

This blog can give people an idea of what the Mission is doing. It's been up for just 3 months and has had visitors from 14 different countries! If you are blogging or have a webpage, please link to us.

Would you like to have more theta delivered to your mailbox? Subscribe to Bridge Publication's L Ron Hubbard Quote of the Week. This is a free service provided to the Scientology community. Please send any requests to subscribe other Scientology friends and family to . You won't be disappointed.

Regular events at the Mission (call for starting times)
Wednesday Night Lecture
BPEU, 1st Friday of every month
Postulates Guild Study Group, Thursday night

That's all for now!

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