Thursday, February 7, 2008



January has been a busy month at the Mission with course room attendance at its highest ever range.  We stepped up promotion to the general public and we're seeing the effects in the form of increased calls and walk-ins.  Our exciting online promotion campaign has just about all the pieces in place and you'll be hearing about that in the next few weeks.

Even with all this increased traffic, we still have room for those of you who haven't finished your Basics!  If you know someone who hasn't begun, bring them, too!  We want to see all of our Boulder field winning with this amazing knowledge.

Change for Change!
We are looking for donations to help ship books to our Missions in Nepal and the Philippines.  Any size donation will help, including the change in your pocket!  If you can help out, let Robert know.

The Philippines Mission has just rolled out their first Purificaton Rundown completion and here's her Success Story:

Before the Purification Rundown, I had a history of long and extreme radiation and chemical exposure from machines, ultraviolet rays, infrared, paints, printing and cleaning agents when I was working in the electronics manufacturing company. I also underwent many teeth extraction procedures. And during my teenage years I had experienced a strange skin allergy which has haunted me for ages.

My medical drug history had been very light but the gains were truly remarkable. The skin allergy in my fingers and toes were cured. A coin-sized lump at my nape disappeared in no time. My sweat released a familiar smell of chemical substances like toluene and ethanol. The rice like small lump on my neck became much smaller.

One of the best and surprising results of the program was the appearance of grain like white and black substances coming out from my pores noticeably on my two arms, back and legs. I never knew how my perceptions were affected by the toxins until I flushed them out of my system.

The constant feeling of tiredness and listlessness is now gone.

I feel generally alert, my senses are sharpened, my skin cleared considerably and my reaction time markedly improved.

I regained my ability for good communication and affinity for my dynamics (especially for my second dynamic).

There had been moments on this program when I felt exhilaration and amazingly I have now a sense of humor.

Now, I don't get upset as much as I used to and I can think more rationally.
    The calmness of my body radiates from inside and out. I never expected that the program would deliver these remarkable results. I am thankful that it has changed me into a beautiful person.

My gratitude to LRH  and my I/C and LRH.  R.B.

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