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Hi Everybody-

"Books Make Booms" Executive Directive 25 July 1974

The Boulder Mission book selling team just wrapped up a weekend at the Boulder Hometown Fair, selling books and doing stress tests. Dan Pino, Steve Marshall, Steve Lassman, and Robert Anderson regularly go out on the Pearl Street Mall to show people what help is available. Brisk book sales on the street plus the release of the new BASICS have sent the Mission's Gross Book Sales into a whole new range of affluence.
Mission Holder Robert Anderson says:
"Right now the Mission is very involved in getting each and everyone their BASICS. This is the most important program the Mission is doing at this time as it has the potential for the biggest expansion ever.
In the recent weeks since the release the Mission has had its highest ever book sales and, in fact, the range of sales remains at a very high level.
We will shortly be delivering the new BASICS courses and our next plan is to have everyone on course that we can. As I said before, this program will make the biggest difference in expansion not only internationally but locally as well.
Since the start of these book sales we already have 4 people who have called or walked in and are now starting on course. If you don't have your BASICS, you should. And get on course so you can have this data to use in your life. It will make a world of difference."

Recent Completions:
Jonna S: The Success Through Communication Course
Andrea A: Overcoming the Ups and Downs in Life Course
Leif B: The Professional Upper Indoc TRs Course at the Denver Org
Ruth M: L11 at Flag Service Org
Paul M: The Executive Rundown at Flag Service Org

"To use the best I know of Scientology to the best of my ability to help my family, friends, groups and the world." Code of a Scientologist #2
Lots of people in the Boulder field are helping to make a difference:

-Claudio C is putting together a new website for the Mission.
-Ann S continues to help the Mission with Central Files and bulk mails.
-Gail C helps with Central Files, bulk mails and various projects.
-Leif B helps hold the Hubbard Executive Secretary's post while she's gone and helps in the course room.
-Sandy C is an on-call consultant for Applied Scholastics Schools and the Association for Better Living, is helping with the Denver Org Basics programs and is contributing to the establishment of a new Narconon in Ft Collins.
-Valerie B helps with Treasury filing and maintaining the Boulder Mission
-Cathy K is remodeling areas of the Mission as well as holding Treasury functions and helping with the Asian Expansion Project.
-Chad K is the volunteer Mission computer guru and part-time painter.

There are all sorts of ways that you can contribute to the expansion of Scientology in the Boulder area. Need some ideas? Call Dawn and she can help you find a niche that fits.

VMs needed in Peru:
From the Peruvian VM I/C:
We are organizing the town to restore its basic functions and activities. This is done with LRH admin tech, assists, group processing, organizing of distribution of food and tents for people to live in, and hundreds of other actions.
Additionally to that, we are training 20 local people as VMs that will be the VM Group that will stay in Peru after we leave so that they can disseminate LRH tech and reach the rest of the country. Your contribution will make a difference. We need to cover a lot of logistics, from bringing in VMs from all over the world to providing their food, housing, transportation, etc.
This is our chance to give Scientology a solid foundation in this country! Again, your help is needed.
Contact me at, or Karina Furlin at
The full data (in pdf) is: here

Field Staff Members:
Chrissie J is our top FSM for the month of August. If you want some help with introducing your people to Scientology, call Robert and he can give you some pointers. There's a wealth of online Scientology resources including:

Scientology Today which is the Scientology online press office. You can subscribe to their regular updates. Plus if you scroll back through the older stories (around March 07) you can see a story about Robert with officials in Manilla, PI.

Freedom Magazine is a great website that enlightens readers about societal problems and people who are working to resolve those problems.

Study Technology introduces people to the Barriers to Study and has a great online Scientology glossary.

Regular Mission events (call for times):
Wednesday Night Lecture
Northern Alliance for a Better World
Postulate Guild Study Group.

That's all for now!

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