Wednesday, July 4, 2007



It's summer and the OT Summit is almost here. If you haven't confirmed for this summer series (July 7,14,21,& 28) call the Mission and get briefed on the importance of these events that include major releases for every Scientologist and directly affects our future expansion.

Recent Completions:
Conn Mc. finished the "Success Through Communication" course
John & Stephanie R. completed "The Ups & Downs in Life" course
Claudio C. completed the "Volunteer Minister's" Course
Bobbee & Jonna P. completed the Purification Rundown
Susan Anderson (Boulder Msn C/S) completed the Purification Rundown Case Supervisor Internship

Our Mission Holder Robert Anderson is in the Phillippines moving his Mission there to a new location. While he's there, he's briefing more government officials on Dianetics.

Course Supervisor Phil Colson is in Los Angeles getting auditing. While he's been gone, Kris S. and Jerry A. have been generously helping by supervising the courseroom.

A big thanks to Ann S. and Gail C. for their on-going greathearted help with Treasury and Central Files.

Thanks to everyone who helped with book sales at the Boulder Creek Festival (and there were many of you who did). We sold 60 books during the Memorial Day weekend! The next weekend Robert gave a Dianetics Workshop and we have increased First Service Starts at the Mission.

We're looking for volunteers for outside book sales which are happening every Saturday, to do Book One Auditing,or to help with a Central Files project. If you can help the Mission expand with any of these projects, call Dawn and let her know.

We are also looking for additional staff members. If you have ever thought about becoming staff, this is a good time to join us and make a difference in the area. Scientology if expanding straight up and vertical throughout the world which is increasing the reach in our area. Call Dawn at the Mission and learn what is needed and wanted!

Ongoing events and the Mission:
Wednesday Night Lecture: "The Scale of Survival" 7:20pm
Postulate Guild Study Group
Boulder Psych Eradication Unit meetings

We have a limited selection of books on sale. Call Steve Lassman for more information.

That's all for now!